Accotink Academy accepts students referred by school districts or Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in the District of Columbia, and Virginia. The Accotink Academy Intake Team consists of a staff member from each of the following disciplines:

  •           Administration
  •           Clinical Services
  •           Speech/Language Pathology
  •           Team Leader/Teaching Staff
  •           Occupational Therapy

Upon receipt of a completed application packet, members of the Intake Team review these materials, which should include: social history, school and medical records, clinical, psycho-educational, speech/language, and other current  evaluations, in addition to the students most recent Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and related services information/evaluations. School records must include report cards and transcripts. Based on this review, those applicants who appear most likely to benefit from Accotink Academy’s program are invited for an on-campus interview.

These students and their parents/guardians are scheduled for a visit and initial interview with the Intake Team.  Each student interviewee meets with the Intake Team members.  In addition, parents/guardians meet with a Clinical Services staff member.  Following the interview process, the Intake Team meets to discuss each applicant, with a goal of selecting students who appear most likely to benefit from the program offered at Accotink.  The applicant will be invited to spend a school day at Accotink as part of the intake process. Students who are determined by Intake Team consensus to be eligible for admission will be accepted if there is space available in the appropriate class.  Public school students may start school as soon as the LEA has agreed to provide funding and has arranged transportation.

Prior to the student’s first day of attendance, the parent/guardian must provide a signed Enrollment Form along with current tuberculosis (TB) and current immunization records.  An HIPAA/Informed Consent Form for clinical services is signed after the student arrives. Students must have a physical every year.  Our Clinic Aide will send a reminder when a student’s physical is due.  Students who participate in sports at Accotink MUST have an updated physical before the sports season starts.

For more information contact the Admissions Department:

Residency Requirements (DCPS/ DCPCS)

Every school year DCPS requires Residency VerificationFor each school year, each family must complete this formality by October 1. There is a letter which Accotink Academy sends home with instructions or you can telephone (202) 442-5215 for further information.

When there is a change to a student’s basic information – address, phone number, parent’s work number, emergency contact, social worker, lawyer, etc., please call to inform the school immediately (703 451 8041). 

Rates and certifications are available upon request.